Upgrade Studio 5 to have Vari Audio?

Hi guys,

I purchased Cubase Studio 5 not knowing it is missing VariAudio… one of the most important plug ins.

Is there a way to upgrade version 5 to include VariAudio? I don’t want to go the route of paying $300 for Cubase 6 upgrade…

Please let me know. Thanks,


Vari Audio is built in to C6 i.e it’s not a plugin.

Cubase 6 Studio also doesn’t include VariAudio. Thats the $150 upgrade from version 5. However, the full version upgrade which is $300 says it is included. Why can’t I just upgade Studio 5 to Full version and then have VariAudio?

Well… you can for £168 GBP whatever that may be in your currency.

I think the OP wants to upgrade to Cubase 5, not 6.
If that´s the case, then you can´t, because the actual Cubase version is 6, therefore 5 is no longer available officially. Simple case of “too late, too late”.
Apart from that, the upgrade price from CS 5 to C 5 is usually the same like from CS 5 to C 6, IIRC

Ah yes, having re-read the op’s post that would seem to be the question.

Unless of course you can find a store that still has the C5 Studio to C5 upgrade, although you’ll be hardpressed to find one.