Upgrade to 11 - Chain Reaction leads to BIOS update

Hi all. I have had big difficulties trying to upgrade from V6 to V11 with Download Assistant giving me ‘Failed to Launch JVM’.

I got a call in with the Steinberg Help line who were very helpful and thorough but still no fix. It was suggested that My Windows 10 was not up to date so I tried to do the latest update but keep getting error messages and the update fails.

I then contacted Microsoft who were also very helpful but again, could not solve the update issue.

They suggest that this is because my BIOS is not up to date. It is an American Megatrends Inc 2204, 23/08/2013.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Q’s. Do you update your BIAS?, Is it easy and risk free (sounds pretty scary to me), Will it solve the update problem and finally, can I get the V11 upgrade to install.

All I want to do is make some music :slight_smile:



Upgrading BIOS was scary for me. However after having issues making two different HDD backups, the actual BIOS upgrade for my DELL XPS was unbelievably simple and painless.

Thanks mhasdra. I was also rather worried but did in the end and was quite painless. In the end I found the issue was a corrupted Windows 10 file. MS sorted it and now all good. Thanks for replying all the same :slight_smile: