Upgrade to 11 from 10.5 Without Installing 10.5?

I purchased Cubase 10.5 without installing it yet. [It’s been a weird year.] Now that Cubase 11 is available and appears to be pretty solid, I’m considering a purchase without installing 10.5 at all. Will this trip up the eLicenser when it doesn’t find 10.5 installed on my computer?

Any advice is appreciated.

The license, and the program installation are independent — so no problem

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One small hiccup: Cubase 10.5 had to be activated in eLicenser (but not installed) before the Cubase 11 upgrade license could be activated. Once eLicenser received the 10.5 activation, it recognized the available Cubase 11 license and applied the upgrade automatically.

All is well. :slight_smile: