Upgrade to 11 Pro but on a new PC

Hi, I guess this should be quite easy but i want to make sure I get the process right. My current set up is Cubase 8.5 Artist on a Win 7 Machine. I have purchased a new Windows 10 PC from scan which is due in the next few days and then in the “sale period” a few months ago I have bought the upgrade to Cubase 11 pro for which I have my download access code.
So.my question is… how do I do this and in what order do I migrate stuff
Thanks Andy


It doesn’t matter, if you start with Cubase (11) installation or the activation. In any case, you don’t have to install your old Cubase (8.5). Just install Cubase Pro 11. Plug the USB-eLicenser to the new computer and Enter the Activation Code in the eLCC application. Download the license. And you are ready to go.

Martin thats awesome thanks

One thing that should be also mentioned is to keep the older version of cubase on your drive so that you may be ab le to edit older projects with the newr version. This will enable you to export waves out of lets say cubase 8 to be mixed in cubase 11.

Cubase still does not use the full capabilities of new CPUS yet but I wish they did.

Thanks … so are you saying I cant open Cubase 8 projects in 11? Should I therefore move my existing installation to my new PC … this was really where I needed the clarification


No, you definitely CAN open you r Cubase 8 projects in 11, but will the track continue to have the exact same settings? NO.


Could you be more specific, please?

The project sounds the same, if you open it in Cubase 8 or Cubase 11 here on my side. I can open Cubase 8 projects in Cubase 11 with no problem.

Well that’s good to hear. I have had issues with this so I congratulate you with the success!

Great so no need to move my existing installation.

thanks so much


What kind of issues?

Generally the issue will lie within the framework of the new mothership firmware update. In house software, automation, plugins and so on could potentially change.

The changes notices may not be too drastic between Cubase 8 and 11, but it sure will be between Cubase 7.5 and 11. It’s good practice to keep the older versions installed while you are still working on the given project.



I’m not against. I mean, if I just update to newer Cubase version, I don’t uninstall the old one. At the other hand, if I change a computer, I always install the very latest Cubase version only.

Whatever works for you my friend. I have Cubase 11, 7.5 and 5.5. I produce a lot of music with most of the instruments being digital and not analog.

For someone who deals with wave files and insert plugs, sure have fun. For someone who has 150 channels or more, you might want the older version just in case :smiley:

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Shouldn’t his download access code get entered into the Download Assistant?
I remember there was a lot of confusion and frustration about this when C11 came out…


Yes, or to MySteinberg account to generate the Activation Code.

Thanks so much everyone