Upgrade to 12 from 10.5

Ive just upgraded from 10.5 pro to 12 pro, my USB key just died before I could update the license, I’ve submitted tickets, tried to call the support number (which just cuts off) but can’t seem to get in touch with anyone to help.

Does anyone know a better way to get in touch for support. I really don’t want to have to buy a new USB key to just plug it in and then never use it again if it can be helped.

  • Just for informational purposes, I’ve managed to solve this issue (not the contacting support part, that remains a bit of a disappointment).

My original USB E-Licenser hadn’t died, it was a windows issue – If anyone else has an issue where the dongle isn’t recognised when you plug it in, or the light comes on for a while and then turns off, I would recommend taking a look at this video: " How to Fix USB Error Code 52 Windows Cannot Verify the Digital Signature" - can’t post a link

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