Upgrade to 4 from education version

If I buy the education version of Dorico Pro today can I uprade to 4 for free when it’s released early next year?

Welcome Lapapa!
Any tier of Dorico bought after August 25 will be updated freely to Dorico 4. That is what a grace period is for!

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It’s not really an education ‘version’; just an education price. The software is identical.


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I have this same question. I am buying this for my son and wondering if he will get the update to Dorico 4 if I act now.
It would be nice to have someone from Steinberg confirm this. Thank you.

This has been posted on the forum and reaffirmed multiple times: any license purchased since late August gets a free upgrade to dorico 4 when it comes out. There was even a giant thread that had to eventually be closed down because some people were mad because they thought it was unfair.

Okay, thank you.

Clock is ticking!

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Okay, done. Now back to Nuendo!

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