Upgrade to 8.5 SOLVED!

Upgrading from CB 7.5 to 8.5 causes cpu overload but not in 7.5 why?

Could be a vst plugin causing this in 8.5 and not in 7.5.

Can you expand on that a little?
Do you know with plugin it could be?

I found the solution in the release notes 8.5

Ah great, would you like to share the solution with us?

9921: Performance peaks with certain plug-ins under
Using CPU intensive plug-ins (for example, VST Connect
SE) may cause ASIO peaks if the Windows power scheme is
set to “balanced” and ASIO-Guard is enabled. To avoid
these peaks, please make sure to enable the “Steinberg
Audio Power Scheme” under Devices > Devices setup >
VST. For more information, refer to: