Upgrade to 8 from 7.5 or do fresh install of 8?

I have my update to 7.5 on the way (from 6.5) and will have the grace period update to 8.0 upon registering (hopefully!).

From what I’ve been reading on here, I’ll possibly have the option to choose between downloading 7.5-8.0’s upgrade or the full 8.0 program. Are there any benefits of upgrading 7.5 or would you recommend not even installing it and jumping straight to 8.0?

The only benefit I can see at the moment of doing the upgrade only is that my 10-12mps internet may take rather a long time downloading the full version if it truly is 9.0GB as people have said!

Just wondered what others have done. :slight_smile:

depends on your preferences:

If you want to use the latest version only, do the upgrade.

If you want to use all the different versions on demand (e.g. to be compatible to other users’ projects), do the full download and install Cubase to a different path.

I have upgraded in the past from 6.5 - 7.5 - 8.0 and each time I was able to install to a separate directory and keep the older versions active.

I believe the 8 full install just has all of the content so you could theoretically install this on a new PC without a previous version of Cubase. I downloaded both and decided to run the upgrade from 7.5 - 8.

Not sure if there is a need for you to have 7.5 on your system. I am guessing that you would eventually move straight from 6.5 to 8.

For me - I am keeping 7.5, working and creating project there - I know it works. I have set up C8 to test and learn the new features. There will be a time before Steinberg works out some of the glitches on 8. I would recommend this to anyone making the move to 8.


Thanks both! I think I’ll do that too. Cover all bases and find out which suits me best for now.

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and good luck!

I came back to Cubase after seven years on Samplitude and Sonar. So, I have to bought the full.retail C7.5.
I’d installed the full 7.5 to got an fully functional system. After that I’d downloaded the GracePeriod Upgrade to pro8.
Both versions are running on my System and I’m still testing :wink:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: that’s good to know. Think I’m definitely going to play with 7.5 for a while then move to 8.0 when I’m ready! Too many new features might get lost to me otherwise!!

Have fun!