Upgrade to 9.5?

I bought version 9 of Cubase a couple years ago. Note that I am only on version 9, not 9.5 of the software. I used it a bit, then I moved, and my studio sat in a box. So now [Nov 2019], I’m using it again and I see they’re up version 10.5; and I can get an upgrade from 9.5 to 10.5 pretty cheap (compared to a “new” install which is full price).

MY QUESTION: Is there a way to get an upgrade from version 9 to version 9.5???

The support people thus far have been clueless.


No. Any Cubase update you buy now will automatically update you to 10.5. With that license you can run any earlier version of the derivative you own (Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist, Elements etc.)

See the Grace Period info on the website.

Thank you