Upgrade to C12 Artist seems to revert to C12 Pro Trial - Help Please


I just bought the upgrade from C9 Artist to C12 Artist. This resulted in a short cut on the desktop that said Cubase 12 and in my ‘recently added’ files the same named file.

Trying to open the Cubase 12 shortcuts reverts to the C12 for which my trial expired.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do?


Please run the Steinberg Activation Manager and make sure that your Cubase Artist license is activated.

Also check if it’s updated to the latest version (1.4.0).

Thanks Romantique for your reply.

It is version of the activation manager.

However, the product does not appear in the list of activated or not activated products. C12 Pro has appeared. I participated in Beta testing for Steinberg in which my trial of C12 was extended, but that time has long passed. I had a few issues in coming back to C9 and removed everything I could of the C12 trial and related products including the plugin I was testing. The problems was one of the reasons I wanted to buy C12 - I was hoping there would be less issues. I do not know if that extension of C12 Pro has had some effect on my account and this is why C12 Pro keeps appearing. But like I say, the time has long expired on the C12 Pro Trial.

Any more thoughts are appreciated.

Hi Marco,

When you purchased the update, you received an email with a Download Access Code. Please enter this code in the Download Assistent and make sure that your elicenser is connected.

Thanks heaps Matthias and Romantique. That worked. I thought it must be something simple.

Any idea how to get my Toontrack plugins to work? I am on Windows, I read something about Rosetta mode but I don’t really know what that is. When I go through Plug-in Manager and select what I think is the right path to my Plugins, the manager does not add them.

For anyone reading this in the future - I got the Toontrack things working fine. I just had to find the right path. The font is very small on the plugin but it does work.