Upgrade to C12 - but have moved files in C11


Over the years I think I may have moved some Cubase files from their default location. Which ones, and to where, is info lost to the mists of time. C11 works great though …

Is that expected to cause problems with the upgrade?


Cubase 12 is a separate installation and shouldn’t affect any previous versions installed.
(I have 3 versions installed currently.)

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That is great to hear, @mlindeb , thank you!

You wrote:

The concern I’m addressing in this post is not whether C12 will affect C11, but whether my moving having moved C11 files around (and not being sure which ones or to where) will affect the C12 installation.

I’m not 100% sure about after reading your kind reply whether the C12 installation is so separate that all that moving around of files I may have done wouldn’t affect the C12 installation …

I’m thinking from your post that the answer is “yes” (?), but I’m not sure if I’m interpreting that correctly!

Thanks again!


I do believe your C12 installation will work just fine. But I’m not giving you any guarantees.
There could be some elements of the installation that that would look for previous installs and utilize already installed files, I can’t say. But if the installation application can’t find them where it expects them to be, it will install them in their correct location.

I would recommend you create a backup before installing C12. In fact, I recommend to always make a backup before installing anything on a working computer.

As a rule of thumb, if you are not sure what you are doing, “moving files around” willy-nilly is not recommended. :wink:

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Yes, thanks, @mlindeb !

I agree, moving around wasn’t the right thing to do, I was trying to clear space out of my OS drive and moving stuff to my Audio drive.

I’m turing over a new leaf, I just backed up (imaged?) my OS onto an external drive, will be backing up my Audio drive as well, will be testing those backups soon, and I just ordered two new larger SSDs to replace my existing ones.

Also going to put a W10 backup “install” on a thumb drive, though I’m not quite sure how to do that or what that means! :rofl:

Thanks, dude!