Upgrade to Catalina?

Should I upgrade my 2018 MacBook Pro from Mojave to Catalina? I’m running the latest version of both Cubase and Nuendo.

I use an Apollo Twin Duo and a Focusrite Scarlett. I run plugins and instruments from Waves, Native Instruments, UAD, PSP, Rob Papen, Arturia, ADSR, SoftTube, Eiosis, Celemony, and of course Steinberg. Also Wavelab 9.5 and Dorico 2.

Steinberg says Cubase and Nuendo are OK in Catalina. Any and all advice and warnings welcome.


Ted “Theo” Perlman

I upgraded mine a couple of days ago. All is well with all of my stuff but just make sure you check with any plugin you’re unsure of. I have most of what you have but not all so I cant speak to all of them. I had one from ikmultimedia that was my lone hold out, but they said although it wouldn’t install on a computer already running Catalina, it would still run if installed prior to a Catalina upgrade. I guess their Catalina installer is broken.

Thanks, Yo!