Upgrade to Catalina?

Should I upgrade my 2018 MacBook Pro from Mojave to Catalina? I’m running the latest version of both Cubase and Nuendo.

I use an Apollo Twin Duo and a Focusrite Scarlett. I run plugins and instruments from Waves, Native Instruments, UAD, PSP, Rob Papen, Arturia, ADSR, SoftTube, Eiosis, Celemony, and of course Steinberg. Also Wavelab 9.5 and Dorico 2.

Steinberg says Cubase and Nuendo are OK in Catalina. Any and all advice and warnings welcome.


Ted “Theo” Perlman

Default recommendation is don’t update unless you are forced to. Why is Catalina required for you?

If you want to proceed, you have to ensure that all of your software is certified for Catalina. You’re on the right track by enumerating all of your applications, plugins and required hardware. Validate that all of them have Catalina-certified versions. Once you do, take a complete backup of your system that you can restore later if anything goes wrong. Then update all of the software.

If it sounds like a pain, that’s because it is. Go back to my first question and answer honestly this time. :slight_smile:

Here Nuendo 10 on macOS Catalina (10.15.4) and by now everything is ok. I run plugins and VST’s updated/verified for Catalina from iZotope (Neutron , Ozone, RX, Insight), VEP, Softube consoles emulation, Spectrasonics, Kontak, EW Play.
I’ll cross my fingers but since I updated three weeks ago Nuendo10 is working well. “Actual issues” that I’ve observed is Nuendo video player does not play 4K files correctly when the same video is flawless played both in Logic either Digital Performer ( both use Quicktime player). I have to fix it rescaling the video file to FHD (I use compressor).

Wait…is this a Catalina issue? 4k video not playing correctly?

I assumed it was an issue with Nuendo’s video player since I had some of these issues on Mojave as well, where the video resolution once imported would be messed up. This happened on videos that weren’t FHD.

I’ve been running Catalina for the past few months on the new MacBook Pro. No major issues to report. Everything runs fine, similar to my Mojave machines. Most of the issues I have are due to the hardware.

No, I think this is related to Nuendo video player engine. DAW’s that support QuickTime (Logic, DP) play 4K video very nice. However solve this issue is very easy> just change the resolution to 1080 (or less). There two apps that do it well and cheap: Apple compressor (59€) and EditReady (50$)