Upgrade to Cubase 10 not visible - Still seeing 9

Windows 10
Upgrade from Cubase 9 to Cubase 10.

I purchased the activation code.
I downloaded the upgrade from 9 to 10.
I activated the eLicense with the Activation code as admin.
I installed the upgrade as admin.
When I look in my windows start menu in steinberg folders, 10 is not available.
When I type in Cubase in the start menu, only Cubase 9 appears.
When I reinstall, the installer says Cubase 10 is installed.
Cubase 9 runs. I can’t find Cubase 10.

I’m probably just not seeing something.

Where is Cubase 10?

I’m guessing you downloaded de 10.20 upgrade. But that doesn’t upgrade 9 to 10, only upgrades earlier 10 versions to 10.20. So you need to download the full version of Cubase 10.

This was exactly the problem. Mischief managed. Thanks Gartzn.