Upgrade to Cubase 10 two separate installs

I have two registered versions of Cubase.

Cubase 8 is registered to a PC in my project studio.
Cubase 8.5 is registered to a PC in my main studio.
(two separate locations)

The reason I had two versions was because the main studio needed to have Cubase functional while I was working in the project studio. This is no longer necessary and I would like to just upgrade to Cubase 10 on both workstations and carry the dongle between the two.

I am assuming I could download the demo to both computers, pay for the program, activate and register it to the dongle on the main studio computer, I could then then move the dongle to the project studio computer and activate from the registered dongle.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hmmmm…from another post here, I assumed there was a “trial version”. Not too concerned about this as long as I can load v10 to both DAWs and used the same dongle on both.

As far as I understand for trial period you install full version of Cubase 10, but you have trial license for 30 days. Once you buy full license, you activate it from any computer using eLicenser Control Center and then you can go to any computer with your dongle and use Cubase. You don’t need to activate Cubase on any of your hundred computers :slight_smile:

Nothing will start without dongle. But once started, it can be used without dongle. That’s the licensing system of Steinberg’s products.

Native Instruments have another method. You can use any of your purchased plugin on two computers.

Thank you for the information. 30 days is plenty of time. Much appreciated.

The download link on the purchase page is not working. The only way I can see to download is to go to the “Buy It” page.

FYI… If you remove the dongle after starting Cubase it will surely fail/crash after a short period of time.

Regards :sunglasses:

You don’t need to activate the “program” on either computer. You only activate the license on the dongle, Install the program on each computer, and plug in the usb dongle. In fact, you can activate the license in eLCC without Cubase installed or install Cubase without a license present. They are independent from each other.

Appreciate all the feedback. I actually never even considered removing the dongle while the program was running so that’s interesting but I don’t think it would be necessary in my situation. The download link is definitely dead. As I was accessing it, I saw a notification on one of the pages that said “Out Now” but when trying to access it again, I can’t find it. It shows to be available for purchase though. Perhaps the Steinberg team will reply to clarify this at some point. Anyway, presently, it’s no big issue but it would be nice to take V10 for a test drive. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re right! Now on C 9.5 it don’t exit normally even if I put dongle back. But tried this on C 8.5 a year ago and it didn’t fail that way. Better not to play with dongle :slight_smile: