Upgrade to Cubase 11

Haven’t posted on this new Forum, kinda strange looking compared to the old one !
Anyway, I am wondering, if you upgrade to 11, do you still get printed manuals etc, and I assume the upgrade price doesn’t include the USB Dongle because you should already have one, ?

I can’t remember the last time you got a printed manual for Cubase so you must be moving from quite an old version?

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated !
Yes, Cubase 4 is the current version I’m using ( along with LE8 )
I take it then that even if a person bought a full version, with a dongle, you still wouldn’t get a printed manual ?
Now I just need to confirm about the upgrade price doesn’t include a dongle.

Yes no printed manual and you don’t get a dongle upgrading.

Not sure if the email I replied to, got to you as it said unknown address, so in case it didn’t here’s what I wrote :

Thanks for that info, just what I needed to know !

I lost my C4 install disk which I wanted to use to install to a new computer, so I figure I’ll have to go the upgrade route.

The dongle works okay, shows the licenses for C4, Wavelab6 & Cubase LE8 so as long as the license for C4 doesn’t get wiped with a new version( I have C4 on the old music computer ) I should be good to go !

Thanks again and have a nice day.

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The licence gets overwritten but works with previous versions. You should also be able to upgrade the le licence. I have Cubase AI which was a very old version as well as pro and I got the lifetime licence they do for it so you get the besets version. Have a search round as I’m not sure how you get it now. I have two physical dongles so have Cubase pro and wavelab on one and Cubase AI on the other which I have on my old computer so my son can use it.

So if I upgrade to 11, will I still be able to run/install C4 either on the new computer or the old one, which has lots of projects on it ?
I had a second dongle, but can’t find it, along with the missing C4 & Wavelab discs :frowning:

You can download a C4 installation iso file and an update to C4.5.2 here:

Don’t know if C4 will install/run on Win 10, C5 runs fine here…

If your old computer is still on XP see this topic:

Thanks for the informative post GRZ, much appreciated !
I’m d/l the C4 iso now :slight_smile:

Is it possible to d/l a WL6 ISO somewhere ?
As I mentioned above, I lost that CD too

Ignore the above question, I found the WL6 ISO on the downloads section.