Upgrade to cubase 13 from 9 ELICENCER PROBLEM

i use cubase 9 for 5 years

now i upgrade to cubase 13(in the 30% discount) and its not activate from the elicenser
and i got a massgae to my mail
“verify your pending license”

for now both cubase 13 and 9 still work for me

this whats show in my products

this what happened when im trying to solve the problem from the mail received

someone have that problem to?
how can i contact steinberg for help?

i can’t upload all the photos because im new here but i have everything if its help to solve the problem

this is what shown in my product

If you apply the Download Access Code to the Steinberg Download assistant it will ask for a licence for the update. If this was successful, it should be no problem to activate the licence on three different machines.

Make sure you activate it on the activation manager if it fails from the SDA.

i dont understand… what is SDA?

i install the cubase 13 from the steinberg download assitent and use it for a week and everything is fine
but in my steinberg account is says the activition is pending
expires in 04/11/24
and also send me the mail for activision

the installation from the steinberg download assistent was fine


in the activision manager its also say activision is pending

Steinberg Download Assistant
Steinberg Activation Manager


Hi @david_ben_david,

Here is described what needs to be done:

We switched our license management system with Cubase 12, but you still need the USB eLicenser one last time when updating in order to validate the update.

Currently your license for Cubase 13 is in the status “verification pending” because your update couldn’t be validated. Did you have the USB elicenser attached when you entered the update code?

I thought I was going to have similar issue over the weekend. But I found the old dongle in a drawer and plugged it in. Paid for the upgrade and all went smooth. Went from Cubase 6.5 to 13 :smile:

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Must like another planet!

A new world.

yeah of course
the dongle is plug in and the cubase 9 work perfectly…

still the same problem

The error message in your screenshot says that your USB-eLicenser has been disabled. This usually occurs when the USB-eLicenser has been reported as either lost or stolen.

Have you ever activated Steinberg Zero Downtime in the past?

You can contact your local Yamaha/Steinberg support team here:

i dont know what is “steinberg zero downtime” and never use it
the cubase 9 work perfactly(and still working) with the dongle

i really dont understand what happend