Upgrade to Cubase 3 on IPhone

Dear Support,

I have purchased Cubasis 2 for my IPad. The IPad is older and cannot be upgraded to iOS13, which is required for Cubase 3. So, I cannot upgrade on my iPad from within Cubase 2.
But: I have an Iphone with iOS13, where I cannot upgrade because Cubase 2 is not available for IPhone.
As I understand, the upgrade price of Cubase 3 is much less (or even cost-free) for Cubase 2 customers.
What can I do to do an upgrade and not spend the full price again?

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Hi epictrance,

Cubasis 3 is a full rewrite from scratch, adding iPhone support and more than twenty new user-requested features, alosngide many improvements for existing features. Please learn more about the new features on our Cubasis 3 website and in the available tutorial video.

Apple does not offer update, upgrade or grace period options, comparable to what we have available for our desktop products.

Therefore, we are unable to offer Cubasis 3 update options, except for dedicated sales promos which become available from time to time, and will be announced in this forum, through our Newsletter and in the App Store.

Please learn more about this in our dedicated Cubasis 3 Sale statement.

If you own Cubasis in-app purchase, these can be transferred free of charge to Cubasis 3, as explained in our IAP transfer article.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, Lars,

this is understandable. It seems that Cubase 3 is really a new product with a lot of new fuctionality.
I appreciate your quick reply.

Best, epictrance.

Hi epictrance,

Thank you for your feedback!