Upgrade to Cubase 6 from Cubase Artist 6 Question

Hey guys :wink:

I am thinking of upgrading my Cubase Artist 6 as I could use some of the extra features and plugs now. I was weighing up buying some 3rd party plugins but I think this route is safest for now as I wouldn’t know where to start…!

Having looking on the website I see that this particular upgrade is ‘download’ only.

Although most of the Cubase 6 product pages mention that you also get Hailon Sonic included, I can’t see anything on the download page saying that this is included on the ‘downloadable upgrade’.

Maybe a silly question, but just wanted to check as it would make the upgrade all the more sweeter if it is included.

Cheers & thank yous! :smiley:

Dear Missmuse,

thank you for considering upgrading to Cubase 6.

This upgrade is ‘download only’ because what you’re getting is actually just the activation code to upgrade the license. The software itself is already installed and upgrading the license will just activate the ‘extra features’.

On the other hand, HALion Sonic isn’t included neither on Cubase Artist 6 nor in Cubase 6. With both programs you get a trial version, but you have to buy a permanent activation code afterwards if you want to keep using it. Cubase 6 has a bigger HALion Sonic SE library than Cubase Artist 6 though.

Best regards.

Technical Support

Hello Luis :slight_smile:

Thank you for the swift reply!

I think I may have slightly misread the Cubase page :blush: Opps!! I see.

Great stuff…will sort it all out asap!

Thanks again!