Upgrade to Cubase 7 from Cubase LE4


I have the CD of Cubase LE4 which I previously installed and activated on an old machine.
Since then the machine got re-installed (i.e. licnese / soft elicense got wiped out of it).

Now I bought the upgrade version of Cubase 7 and would like to install it on a new computer using the activation key of the Cubase LE4.

Problem is that on the new computer I can’t enter the activation code of Cubase LE4 - get the error message that it is already used once…

How can I get the new computer to hold the old Cubase activation code / license so i can upgrade using it into Cubase 7?

BTW - already tried to plug in the USB dongle which comes with CUBASE 7 in order to load into it somehow the activation code via eLCC - got the same error message.

Many thanks for any response.

Also, should I perform the ‘Reactivation’ option in the My Steinberg account? or will it make it worse? Too confusing with no documentation at all !

Yes, you need to do a reactivation for LE4. The upgrade license needs to “see” the LE4 license in the eLCC in order to be accepted.

You shouldn’t need to install the LE4 software, just have the most recent version of eLCC installed …