upgrade to cubase element 8 - non activation code

Hi, I have the program Cubase elements 6 and I downloaded the update to Cubase element 8. I installed the downloaded file. When I open cubase E8, the program asks me my activation code. I insert what I have to cubase E6 and the control program tells me that this code is already used. Is strange, because being an upgrade I have not received a new code .
(Cubase 6 runs without problems).
How can I activate cubase E8?
thank you

I ask to you because the support does not answer me by 12 days (embarrassing!)

Once you buy the upgrade you get an email with a new activation code. That’s the one you need to enter. If you haven’t received an email confirming your order then you will have to wait for Steinberg to get back to you.

When you completed the purchase,the new code was displayed when you downloaded it,or you have to wait for the Email from Steinberg,(this is usually pretty quick)

thank you