Upgrade to Cubase Elements 12 from Elements 11 Problem

Hello everyone.
I upgraded from Cubase Le 11 to Cubase Elements 11 on February 13 in order to be eligible for Elements 12. I activated Elements 11 the day I purchased it and been using it since.
Yesterday I got an email telling me that Cubase 12 was out, so I decided to do the upgrade to Elements 12. During the upgrade process nothing was working and the Pc kept freezing all the time. I was not able to boot it up anymore, so I had to format everything :face_exhaling:
I installed Cubase, had to do a reactivation on the license and tried to upgrade. I could not get it working and the PC started freezing again up to a point I couldn’t boot it up again. :scream: :sob:
Today I got a new PC and installed Elements 11 again and I had to do the reactivate license thing again. So can anyone help me upgrade to Elements 12 ? I have the receipt I paid for Elements 11.
I want to try Elements 12 because I’m planning on upgrading either to Artist 12 or Pro 12.
Any help would be much appreciated!