upgrade to cubase elements 8 not working

Im not sure if Im being stupid or not but I paid for the £36 upgrade to cubase elements 8 and Ive went through the installation process and I cant find it, I thought it would have installed an icon onto the desktop but it didn’t, I checked applications and tried searching for it but nothing came up, I even tried opening cubase le ai elements 8 and nothing came up, the reason i updated was because a popup would come up saying to download it and i needed more instrument tracks. i am on a macbook pro by the way.

thanks for any help given.


I don’t know, from which Cubase you upgraded, but I expect, the original application was Cubase LE 8 or Cubase AI 8. Use the same Cubase LE/AI/Elements application, like before. The EXE file is the same for LE/AI/Elements. By the license, you “unlock” the functions, in fact. In the About screen, you should see your exact version (i.e. Cubase Elements 8 in your case, now).

If you upgrade from older version of Cubase, you should be able to instal and find a new Cubase Elements 8 application.