Upgrade to Cubase Pro 10 query

Hello Cubase users
Well I see some folk aren’t happy with the 50% offer coz it doesn’t include upgrades. I understand that.
But…I didn’t yet upgrade from Artist 9.5 to Artist 10. So it looks like it’s cheaper for me to buy a new Pro 10 than to upgrade to Artist 10.
But–can someone pls advise?–if I have Artist 9.5 in my machine and buy a new Pro 10, then should I uninstall Artist 9.5 first. I don’t want two different versions installed in my machine. Or will my download of Pro 10 automatically overwrite the old Artist 9.5?
Tx for any advice.

They are completely separate, and will coexist on your system. You will end up with two licenses, one for Cubase Pro 10, and the Artist 9.5 license you already have.

Upgrades are now 50% as well