Upgrade to cubase pro 12 , That means I can use all previous version?

I own cubase pro 7.5 and I want to upgrade cubase pro 12 during this grace period.
I’m concerned about the bugs and thinking to use just only cubase 11 for a while. That’s fine to upgrade to 12 and let the system fixed perfectly.

… The question is , I can use all previous version as old customer 7.5-11 . Thank you for all suggestion in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You will get Cubase 11 Pro (not upgradable) license to your USB-eLicenser. You can use any older Cubase with this license. And your Cubase 12 Pro license will be part of the new licensing system, so you can use Cubase 12 Pro too.

But I don’t understand your thoughts of the Grace Period. Did you activate your Cubase after November 9, 2021, as mentioned here, please?

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I now use Cubase pro 7.5 and I want to upgrade cubase pro 12 , Then if something isn’t compatible with devices I think of using previous version , may be 10 or 11 something like that. So Can I have the non upgradable for usb-elicenser( for all previous version 7.5-11) and also the server license for 12 .

Or just old license 7.5 plus new server license cubase pro 12.


You will get non-upgradeable Cubase 11 Pro license on the USB-eLicenser. With this one, you can start Cubase 11, 10.5, 10, 9.5,… 7.5, whatever you want to. And you will get Cubase 12 Pro on the server.

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