Upgrade to Halion 4 from Halionsonic. Question-ready to buy

Hello everyone,

I am in the store right now ready to buy my upgrade of Halion 4 . In the shop the box says"upgrade from Halion 3". Will this work for an upgrade from Halionsonic or is it a separate box/lisence?

I would appreciate a reply if anyone knows as I have one hour until the store closes.

Thank you

this will NOT work. It will look for a valid Halion 3 license on your dongle before upgrading, without one present it will not install and activate. If you do not have a valid Halion 3 license on your dongle you will need to obtain the proper update from Halion Sonic only as it will look for a valid Halion Sonic License on the dongle before installing and activating in which it should find one should you already own Halion Sonic. Hope you received this in time! Good luck!

Hello and thanks for replying.
Will this work if I have the License for Halion Symphonic orchestra which I do?

no. It states update from Halion 3 for the very reason that it is looking to update from Halion 3. Nothing else. You will have to obtain a proper update from Halion Sonic if that is what you are after, it should state update from Halion Sonic.

This is unfortunate. I already bought the upgrade. I guess I will have to return it. So, there is no boxed version of Halion 4 upgrade from Halionsonic?

I believe no as the contents are 90% similar. Halion 4 contains all Halion sonic content plus only a bit more, pointless to buy a boxed version that is 95"% similar. The update from Halion Sonic to Halion 4 is only a few hundred mb and is done via download only from Steinberg. Halion 4 from Halion 3 is a huge step up which is why it requires an entire boxed version.