Upgrade to Halion 4

Hi All
I’ve been searching for the last 4 days with no clue were to buy the upgrade from Halion 3.5 to Halion 4. No link at Steinberg site and there is no distributer in my country (Jordan). I want the downloadable version but no links at Steinberg online shop. Any Idea?

Many Thanks

I guess there is no difference between the Upgrade from Halion 3 and the Updgrade from 3.5…

You can find it here:


Many thanks for your reply
But in the link you send me, there are 2 options only:
HALion 4 Upgrade from HALion Sonic (Download) AND
HALion 4 Upgrade from Absolute VST Instrument Collection

There is no upgrade from HALion 3

Any idea?

When I click on the link the first upgrade option is an upgrade from halion 3.
This is indeed mysterious. Maybe try another web browser? Really can’t tell!
I viewed the link with Safari on an iPhone 4 with iOS 5 on it…

Thanks for your reply
It looks that Steinberg page is not the same as I tried to connect via proxy url and there was a link to buy a boxed version

Maybe you’re too late? HALion 4 has been out for ages. Halion 3 is years old! Just a wild guess…

Nah, he’s not. Halion 4 is not out for ages.
It’s been a little bit more than a year now since it was released
and they released a free upgrade to 4.5 last year.
And why should I see the upgrade option then?
You should write an e-mail to info@steinberg.net.
I guess they’d like to sell it to you. Must be some weird bug.