Upgrade to Halion Sonic from Halion 3

Hi all,

Obviously I didn’t understand, but I bought C6 and got Halion Sonic trail. I like it a lot. I also own Halion 3.

So, I am working on a track and my trial runs out, I go to the steinberg shop and buy Sonic upgrade.

Now, maybe I didn’t understand correctly, but when it said upgrade to Halion Sonic from Halion player, I assumed that Halion player was what I already had, IE - Halion 3 (player…?)

It wasn’t exactly obvious. Is it just me…?

So, my upgrade serial doesn’t work and support say contact technical support. :confused:

All I want to do is buy and use a Steinberg product.

Well, I am obviously blind. I didn’t see the OEM message when purchasing the upgrade.

But, happy ending, went to shop/accessories and purchased the unlock code for Sonic, and I can also return the Upgrade that I bought for a refund so all ends well…


I don’t know if you have followed the discussion around the new Halion 4, but it will be introduced this week. There will most likely be an upgrade option for Halion 3 owners, since we were NOT included in the offer for upgrade pricing on Halion Sonic (when Halion player owners were!). The official reports are that Halion 4 will have ALL the capabilities of Halion Sonic, plus it is a full featured sampler engine, as well. This means for those planning to upgrade to Halion 4, Halion Sonic is redundant!

Though the upgrade price for Halion 3 owners hasn’t been announced, I can’t imagine it will be any more than you paid for Halion Sonic. I don’t know if you can get a refund on your Halion Sonic, or any kind of credit toward the Halion 4 upgrade, but for other Halion 3 owners considering Halion Sonic, I’d say the best strategy is to wait a few days to see what is offered.

I believe Steinberg has been remiss in not making more widely known what was about to unfold. The information was available, but only in RARE (and somewhat untimely) comments on the blog. It was never announced in any way.