"upgrade" to mac

Hi All, Sorry to bother you with my questions but Im in the processor dragging my DAW into the 2010s so much confusion in leaving behind the PC for Mac and shifting to most recent Steinberg products from old and very OLD software.

So from Wavelab 6 under windows 7 to Wavelab Pro under OSX High Sierra.

I’m mostly time stretching, pitch shifting as well as a lot of editing, (pretty simple cut and paste really) for creating loops and tracks I teach with as resources for music students.
I’ll be making some long edited tracks from up to a dozen original tracks - a kind of DJ mix but edited, faded in / out.
And some mastering/levelling/eq of recordings.

So would I be right in thinking WL Pro for these functions as I’m struggling to find them in WL LE under the trial.

And is the functionality of the Mac and WL 9 or WL LE similar to WL 6, ie want to pitch shift - highlight area required then press P, want to timestretch - highlight,hit T.

It doesn’t look as functional under the new products but that might just be the GUI.

Any thoughts or advice very welcome, thank you.


Do you mean Wavelab Elements? I don’t think there’s a trial for Wavelab LE. Time Stretch and Pitch Shift are on the Process Tab on the ribbon. Shortcuts are P then T, and P then I. Wavelab Pro has higher quality settings for both I believe. You might want to demo both, Pro and Elements.