Upgrade to Mixing and Mastering Suite

A new customer Steinberg customer can purchase the Mixing and Mastering Suite at a discount of around £200 over the cost of purchasing both Cubase Pro and Wabvelab Pro. As an existing Cubase Pro user with an interest in moving from using Sound Forge to Wavelab, there is no possible discount.

Is there any chance that this could change in the future?

Personally I would stick with Soundforge. If you know your way around it and have the latest version I can’t see that Wavelab offers enough to offset the extra cost.

And that’s always been my rationale for not making the switch. However, I’m not on the latest version of Sound Forge, since the upgrade from version 10 to 11 didn’t seem to offer me anything that justified the cost. Since Sony sold Sound Forge to Magix there no longer seems to be an upgrade path, so any future upgrade I decided to make would come at full cost anyway. There is also the question of whether or not Magix will decide to further develop Sound Forge.

All in all, this seems like a good time to consider the switch and, as a long term registered user of Cubase, it would be nice if a similar deal to the one available to new customers was available to me, which is why I asked the question.

That is not good news and certainly illuminates your dilemma. Actually I now share the problem with you.

I’m not in a particular hurry, but may have to bite the bullet at some point. Some kind of crossgrade deal would be appreciated!

I don’t know whether this helps, but I have just spoken to technical support/customer liaison and they say that if you have the Sony registered product you will need to re-register. The details of upgrades are then supplied in the newsletters. I hope that works out!

Nice of them to let us know.
Thanks for the information, though.

Actually as an update I have found that the support site seems to be broken and the Sony serial number does not mean anything. I have posted on Facebook and will see if anything develops.

Yes, I had a similar experience. Have sent a message to the support people. Wavelab is looking very tempting, if expensive.

I have had a reply from Magix about support/upgrade options for Sound Forge 10 Pro, here’s the reply -
“We will immegrate the products in our database during the next weeks. Also you get an upgade offer to the version vegas pro 14 during the next weeks.”
That last bit is a surprise as I’m not a Vegas user.

This is not encouraging. They use a word which doesn’t exist (immegrate) and give you an offer to upgrade to the newest version of a piece of software that you don’t use.

Even more, why existing Cubase owners cannot buy Wavelab pro with discount prices?

Because its like asking if you can have a discount on Photoshop, as you’ve already bought Premiere (before all this horrible subscription nonsense). Wasn’t going to happen.

Software instruments/plugins, yes, it happens. But not main applications, of different purpose (unless maybe you are buying a dozen or more at once…! :slight_smile: )

Except that, by buying the Mixing and Mastering Suite, new customers can, for a limited time, get a large discount on both Cubase Pro and Wavelab Pro. Existing loyal customers of either Cubase Pro or Wavelab Pro cannot get a similar discount to purchase the other software. It might be nice if that were possible, even if only for a limited period.

Also, since things may be a bit uncertain regarding the future of Sound Forge, this might be a good time for Steinberg to offer a competitive crossgrade to Wavelab, thereby gaining some new customers.

This might be interesting for any Sony Soundforge users:


I have not tried it yet as I am away from home and don’t have my Soundforge license number.

Thanks for the heads up silhouette, I went for the upgrade as it’s significantly cheaper than the upgrade price offered by Sony. I’m surprised that Magix hadn’t contacted me about this, it all seems a bit chaotic at the moment. :angry:

I communicated with Magix on Facebook. I was completely unable to use support as you had to register a Magix serial, which of course Sony users do not have.Go figure!

I believe MAGIX have all the serial numbers from Sony but they want your £118!