Upgrade to Nuendo after no more dongle

Currently an upgrade to Nuendo means that my (dongle) license will no longer run Cubase. This has long been a reason for me to NOT upgrade, though there are features in Nuendo I would like use of from time to time.

Will that change once the dongle is no longer in use? If I were to upgrade to Nuendo I definitely would not be happy to lose use of Cubase.



What is the reason to not use Nuendo all the time, please? Nuendo includes all Cubase features.

Thanks for the response.

Firstly, I don’t need most of Nuendo’s features most of the time.

At some of the studios I work they don’t have the disk space (and would not be happy) for both Cubase and Nuendo to be installed, yet several of us (currently) take our own dongles there to run Cubase. Other engineers, and the studio itself, will only have Cubase licenses. I wouldn’t be able to have Nuendo waiting for me at those studios.

This is a general problem with the licensing system for me - it assumes we are using one computer at home, not several in different locations.

…and if I accept that I will need two licenses (I currently have two Cubase licenses/dongles), one for Nuendo (if I upgrade one of them) and one for Cubase, can both accounts be used on one computer?

With a dongle I can simply un-plug one dongle and replace with another, but with no dongle?


I believe, you will be able to have two licenses in one account. There will be no need of two accounts on my opinion.

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Thank you. That may well solve this dilemma.

I will wait until the new license system is tried and trusted, then come back and confirm. I don’t want to do anything to break what I have right now!

Sorry - just one more question!

Does this mean I could have two Cubase licenses allocated to one account? This would make life much easier for me, since I will have to re-authorise/de-authorise constantly once I am not using a dongle.


How would it help, please?

Technically, I can imagine it would work.

I run Cubase on three of my own machines - studio, laptop and backup laptop.

I also run Cubase on several PCs in other studios.

At the moment I leave one of my dongles permanently in my own studio PC, and the other dongle travels with me - to be used on my laptops and other studios.

I am told that once the dongle is no longer in use I will have to authorise/de-authorise on each machine when I am swapping from one to another - and it has to be done on the specific machine in question, not from a centralised account manager. At some point I am going to forget - sorry, I’m human! I could have an authorisation left active on another studio’s PC and no way to run Cubase on my backup laptop. That would be disastrous - sometimes it’s months before I go back to any specific studio.

If I could have two sets of licenses on one account this would mean a bit of leeway when I forget to de-authorise a machine - i.e. six authorisations.

At the moment I fear I am going to be playing a constant game of auth/de-auth to try to manage what I now manage by simply plugging/un-plugging a dongle. And yes, occasionally I do forget my dongle!


Thank you for the explanation. Now I see your use case and it’s totally valid.

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But if three of those authorisations will only run Nuendo… I’m in trouble again! :sweat:

As you can see - this is a really sticky situation from my point of view.