Upgrade to PADSHOP PRO

This is probably one of my usual stupid questions. I have PADSHOP included with my CUBASE 7 pack, and have bought the Padshop Pro upgrade. The upgrade has downloaded and says it is installed. I have received an e- mail with an activation code for the upgrade but I haven’t as yet been asked for the code to be entered anywhere and can’t find any obvious instruction on how to carry out the upgrade. Can anybody help please?
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in your eliencer software , enter the activation code at the top :wink:

The thumbs up in the right top corner :wink:

Open up the eLicenser Control Center and enter the code there. That will update you dongle with the new license.

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For future reference and to anyone in this situation. Padshop and Padshop Pro is basically one and the same, in terms of installation. After the license for PP is available, its features becomes available. Meaning, no additional installation is really necessary for people that already have Cubase/Padshop.