Upgrade to PRO 10.5 from Elements 10


I would like to upgrade my Elements 10 installation to PRO 10.5.
Is there anybody here that can explain to me if I would be able to upgrade my license to Pro 10.5 with upgrade package from AI (like this one: https://tinyurl.com/tzyxfpu ). This package even contains an eLicenser, and since I have upgraded from AI to Elements a couple of months ago, I presume, that this upgrade package will be OK also for upgrade from Elements. Or am I wrong?


Hi and welcome,

I don’t think this is the correct update. Just the fact it costs half of the price comparison with the upgrade from the official Steinberg shop. But please, ask the seller directly.

The official Upgrade is named Upgrade From Cubase Elements, LE (4 or higher), AI, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel. And it’s for 449€ without USB-eLicneser.

Hi Martin,

I have contacted the seller about the package that they sell. It is an upgrade only from AI to PRO… Really shame that Steinberg does not offer such packages (including eLicenser) directly. And I really don’t understand the logic behind the upgrade from AI and Elements to PRO - the price is the same. But the upgrade from AI to Elements is not free… really strange logic.

I might just get an AI and upgrade that to the PRO… and leave the Elements license to?



Cubase Elements edition offer more features then Cubase AI. There the upgrade is paid.

To get Cubase AI license, you need to buy any Steinberg or Yamaha hardware, where is Cubase AI bundled to. Does it make sense? Isn’t it better to upgrade your Cubase Elements license then?