Upgrade to ubase 8 & 16 gig ram has caused graphics prob

Hey there,

Hope you can help

Since I installed an update to the latest Cubase 8 …from Cubase 5

My Graphics performance has gone bad.

I had 8 gig ram and upgraded that to 16 gig ram but still same problem !

My mouse sometimes drags slow across the screen and Battery 4 vst when opened you cant see the picture

of the vst just a black square the size of it . If I put mouse over bits of the image show where the mouse is.

Everything else on PC is fine and very fast. I have intel 17 and 16 gig ram with large Harddrive.

My problem is only with Cubase.

The graphics card is Nvidia 210

Please help

Make sure you have the latest GPU driver. Try ticking “clean install” when installing.