Upgrade Version Confusion from SE 3.5

Yesterday I downloaded and installed Dorico SE version 3.5 with no problems. I am new to Dorico and wanted to test drive the software before making a purchase determination. It didn’t require more than a few hours to decided I wanted to purchase the Elements 3.5 version of the software. I was impressed.

I decided it easiest to purchase the upgrade through the Steinberg Hub [UPGRADE] button and did so. I assumed that the upgrade would be from SE 3.5 to Elements 3.5 so I did not pay much attention details as I proceeded to make the purchase. When the email confirmation arrived shortly thereafter, I noted that the software link took me to Elements Version 3.1 which was not my intent. I tested the UPGRADE button again this morning and noted the same words as I saw yesterday which only indicate Elements 3, not any specific reference to 3.1 or 3.5, etc. So it appears the same would occur today.

I did receive my invoice today which only indicates the upgrade from SE 3 to Elements 3. Specific words: Dorico Elements 3 Upgrade from Dorico LE/SE 3 / Download Version

I have been downloaded the Installation and Sound files for both versions, 3.1 from the link provided in email last night and 3.5 from your website, for Windows. I did not want to proceed with installing anything until I am clear on what product will respond favorable to my activation code. My intent was to purchase Elements 3.5. Just trying to navigate how best to obtain the product I wanted which is available without messing anything up any further. Thanks

I’m really glad you have decided to add Dorico Elements to your toolbox!

You should have received the Dorco Elements 3.5 upgrade, so I’m not sure why you didn’t, but you should find that if you run eLicenser Control Center and let it perform its default maintenance task, your license is automatically updated to an Elements 3.5 license.

Thanks for the quick response. I have not installed any product except SE 3.5 at this time. eLicenser only picks up that license. I ran it last night and again this morning.

Do I install the Elements 3.5 files I downloaded, but not from the email link I received with my purchase, and then try the activation code? The 3.1 files and 3.5 files are of different size so I assume they are different.

If you’ve not already input the activation code you received by email for Elements, go ahead and do it now: you will find that it magically becomes a license for Dorico Elements 3.5.

And yes it did! Thank you. I installed the 3.5 software I downloaded and all but 1 sound element was unchanged. Then I manually entered the activation code in the eLicense Control Center and all went great. Thank you again.