Upgrade version of Cubase 6 not available in USA

When can I expect the upgrade version of Cubase 6 to be available from US online stores?

Never … you can only get upgrade version through Steinberg’s on-line shop.

NOTE: I was looking at steinbergs online shop for WEEKS to order the Upgrade from Cubase 5 and have it delivered to my home in USA…


Seems that Steinberg website detected that I was on vacation outside of the USA and the Upgrade product never even appeared on the web page :laughing:

All that waiting for nothing :wink:

So, if you are delivering to the USA then you also need to order from a computer inside the USA. I discovered that when I forgot to turn off my work vpn and connected to steinberg - IT WAS AVAILABLE ! :mrgreen:

Thanks to all for your replies. I live in Panama City, Panama and usually order my stuff from US online stores using a freight forwarder in Miami or buy things when I take a trip to the US.

Two Emails to info@steinberg.de regarding the upgrade to Cubase 6 in Panama were not answered. I really want to upgrade but don’t know how to resolve this. Needless to say that I am disappointed with Steinberg’s customer service. If anyone has a solution, I’d appreciate your comment.

You MUST use a VPN to see the item on their site.

2 if you know someone in a supported country ( or usa) simply order with their pc using any remote desktop program. Pm me if you need to use mine.

I had to do the same from philippines.

Thanks savadious, that worked. Actually I just asked a friend in Switzerland and he was able to place the order for me. Finally: Issue resolved. Your help is appreciated savadious!

Now it’s avaliable at Audiomidi:



Nice !

Honestly - even thou I ordered and have been using Cubase 6 for weeks - I still do not have my DVD’s or box… Shipping to this part of the world can be a gamble.

What others can do who live in remote parts of the world - or have a studio in the middle of a jungle (I did this also) is:

  1. Ship Cubase 6 upgrade to friends in a supported country.
  2. The friends open the box and give you the registration key to add to your USB device (my dad was my volunteer)
  3. There are 6 DVD’s… fortunately you only need 1 for Cubase 6 (the rest are GREAT things like halion, VST’s etc)
  4. I used the remote desktop application built into windows 7 ultimate to get it from their DVD drive.
  5. Now you are up and running while waiting for the box to arrive.

Cubase 6 was in my hands hours after they got it - if not for that contact person I would still be waiting for my order that was placed over a month ago :astonished: