Upgrade: what happens with old projects with HS2

After installing an upgrade from HS2 to HS3:

What happens with cubase projects in which some Halion Sonic 2 instruments were used?
Can I use HS2 and HS3 parallel?
Or is HS2 a true subset from HS3 and all old instruments will be the same?
What will happen with the old presets?


HS3 is fully preset compatible with HS2. You old projects will load HS3 and you’ll be fine.

To make it very clear:

I have a lot of instrument tracks where I just changed the parameters and did not generate/save a preset.

After installation, does HS3 just replace HS2 and works with this changed parameters.

Or should I save for each instrument track the changed configuration as a separate preset?
That would be a huge exercise…