upgrade?, what upgrade?

can someone please tell me why i’ve just given steinberg £51 to go from 10 - 10.5?
please don’t tell me it’s the coloured track mixer as it looks like someone just discovered the photoshop colour overlay button and dropped it over the whole mixer and obviously thought it looked good, well it doesn’t, it looks cheap and looks like a last minute job to justify a .5 revision, custom colours are off too, darker colours now appear much darker, ‘if it ain’t broke, leave it alone’!!!
feeling rather conned by this ‘upgrade’ not to mention that i had to wait a couple of months for the maintenance fix before it was usable!! rant over.

Nice Rant, I bought it Nov 14 th, I feel your pain. Still not using it here, can’t trust it yet

  1. I dig the new colorizing options. you don’t have to use them ya know.
  2. Maybe you missed these features https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/new-features/
  3. Im getting off the bus with 10.5.

yeah, i know there’s a few more new features, just needed to rant!
the ‘beta’ releases they keep lumping on users seem to be getting worse, unusable for many, it’s no wonder that people are now waiting for the first maintenance fix before even looking at a new version. that trust issue as you mention is waning with each release.

Im using another DAW to get things done here. What trust? I have ZERO at this point

I’m just getting on with the music. What else is there to do? It isn’t getting in the way, certainly not unusable for me.

You are on a PC my man, OSX has plenty of issues as we speak.

Good point. I hope they get it sorted.

I jumped off on 10.0.3. The updates after that looks like a bug galore according to this forum, especially on major issues like cpu and graphic performance. And since high sierra now is unsupported with 10.5 on my mac pro mid 12, i havent seen any reason (featurewise or others) to upgrade cubase.

cubase 10.0.3 is working really good on my system anyways and the release notes on .4 and .5 didnt change any issues on my mac.

I do have 10.5 elements on a third mac pro with high sierra with no major project tested so far, it seems to work without problems.

10.5 and 10.5.10 has been completely unstable for me and I am back using 10.whatever the latest is. Maybe related to my setup or 3rd party plugins but the crashes are too much to handle. Nothing in .5 worth that for me. I am still working on migrating over to another DAW but have been a Cubase user for so long it has been hard. But Cubase has just gone too far in the wrong direction for me. Too many ‘improvements’ that are only half baked. Too many obstacles to a fast workflow. Too any bugs. I wish Steinberg would get with it, but my interaction with a Steinberg/Yamaha rep back at AES in NYC did not give me any hope for a quick turn around for the company’s philosophy on software development.

It is strange to see how good the colored channels in PT and S1 looks compared to in Cubase 10.5… The mixer looks more and more “fisher-price” as we go.

I love the 10.5 update.

The multi tap delay is excellent, and so is the spectral comparison on the eq.

I’ve used the video export countless times already too.

Well worth the money imho

I’ve always thought if you have an Apple computer, Pro Tools or Logic, if you have a pc Cubase.

Did someone force you to buy…? There ˋs a trial available, isnˋt there…?

/\ /\

Did someone force you to buy…? There ˋs a trial available, isnˋt there…?

Your point is? A rant is a rant and if someone wants to have one then fine. The last thing a ranter wants is someone to come along with a sensible reply, so if you cannot post a rant on a rant thread I suggest that you don’t post at all.

Right onto the Rant. I couldn’t agree more I am still waiting since September 2018 for Steinberg to fix the Windows only HiDPI Scaling problem, which according to them has their High Priority. 1 Year and 5 Months later we are still waiting which would suggest that if something has a Low Priority I will most certainly be dead before its fixed. Oh and yes I am using another DAW and yes I am trying to sell Cubase but I am not prepared to give it away. It has been suggest that I buy another Monitor and that I even switch to a MAC, sadly the people that made these suggestions did not suggest that Steinberg FIX IT. Rant offer and thank you tflex for starting one as I feel much better now.


My point is just what you say: I ´m posting a rant. And I do not care if you like if or how I do that.

Oh good you sounded to sensible to be ranting. Now you can climb back into your pram.


Wait a minute! I thought you had thrown your toys out of the pram?

i’m able to get on with the music now since the maintenance fix, no music making with 10.5.0 at all, sessions not loading properly, missing vsts etc!

indeed, the gui was one of the things that put me off using cubase for a long time until i’d finally had enough of apple and logic, it was a close call between cubase and pt.

actually yes they did, mr steinbergle had me locked in a half-nelson, i tried to resist but eventually i had to concede, plus it makes sense to me to keep with the times, if you fall too far behind with your software/os etc then things can start to get pretty expensive.

it’s good to get things off of your chest when you’re feeling frustrated, let’s a little carbon off the valves. good luck selling it on, i migrated to cubase 2years ago after many years using logic, it was a real pain converting all the logic projects into cubase, took months, not something i fancy doing again but if it becomes necessary i am prepared to.

this isn’t exclusive to steinberg, there appears to be a growing trend with some software devs where it seems they lack proper beta-testing, rushing to get the latest bug filled version out so they can charge for it (maybe these companies are struggling financially, who knows?) forums are full of such instances and it’s the end user that has to interrupt their workflow and ‘find a workaround’ when at the end of the day we all just want to be able to turn on the computer and get on with the music.

I have been a user of Cubase since the days of the Atari. I must say that I probably use a 10th of Cubase 10.5s capacity. I keep things simple and use the stuff I feel comfortable using and I very rarely have problems. I actually long for a re-coded striped down version that puts me in touch with a simpler way of working.

From 10 to 10.5 is too far behind? Still thatˋs no reason not to try the trial first - especially if you really just bought it. Only my opinion of course.