Upgrade woes

Hi, I’ve been trying to upgrade my educational copy of Dorico elements to pro.
I put it in the cart, did the verification request … which was successful. I was then instructed to continue shopping but when I go to the payment page it just keeps going to Verification request again.

Welcome to the forum, @JamesBlen, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve had problems with the purchase process. It is rather finicky.

When you click the Continue Shopping link in the email you receive, you need to do this on the same device (and ideally in the same geographical location) as when you started your purchase process. The AskNet store relies both on a cookie being set (so you must be in the same web browser) and on IP address/geolocation (so you should be in the same location). Otherwise the system won’t recognise you and you will not be able to complete your purchase.

I’m sorry that this is completely opaque to you as our customer. I know that it is something we are looking at as we evaluate our ongoing web commerce requirements.