Upgrade worries.

I’ve been considering upgrading from W9.5-Elements to W10-Pro but am alarmed by the number of bugs that appear to be present in the first release of W10.

I can not recall any previous version of Wavelab being so buggy. It seems to have been released before proper testing was done.

Very worrying.


I agree, this is the buggiest WL release I can remember BUT you can continue to use 9.5 if you find any showstoppers that affect your personal workflow.

It’s wavelab so I’m sure PG will fix most of the bugs if we give him a bit of time.

it’s on sale at the moment so I’d say go for it :slight_smile:

To clarify a bit, WL10 is a separate install from WL9.5 so they live next to each other and you can use either one.

A lot of restructuring has happened inside WaveLab 10. For the better. Though yes, a few regressions also have happened. But rest assured there is work in progress to fix bugs.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Consumers should oppose the trend that meeting release dates is more important than product quality. I myself am active as a developer in the software industry and often experience this conflict between developers and management, which is too often resolved at the expense of product quality. The developers warn, the management ignores them, because dead lines are more important. At the end of the day, the honest buyer/customer/service recipient pays the bill and has to waste time for nothing.

I am sure, the bugs will get fixed. Luckily, Wavelab is in active development. Still, I dislike this industry trend (Ship now, fix later).

I suspect what we are seeing is the incomplete work on changing the core of WaveLab to handle multichannel files throughout. Sadly (but understandably) this was taking too long to allow this release to be held up for its completion, but equally, as work in progress it’s buggier than one would hope. Once the multichannel work is complete and we see it openly in a release with lots of people exercising it, then the bug fixing will be obvious, and will be handled as well as always.

(I do not expect an attributable reply to this assertion!)

I tend to agree - but I think PG is a rather specific case and I personally am prepared to cut him a lot more slack than Steinberg themselves. I’ve ranted like everyone else on the ‘missing features’ but generally PG comes up with the goods. You’ll fine a lot of people on this forum that have been with wavelab since the beginning, that has to tell you something …and no, I’m not a fanboy

on the other hand, once PG retires it’s all over :cry: