I just purchased an upgrade from Cubase AI6 to Cubase Element 7. So after downloading and all, come to find out its not compatible with my iMac which is running the OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.1.What can I do to get the right one or just get a refund back.

Hi Scopecity,

the Yosemite compatible update of Cubase Elements 7 will be available shortly. In this case I can only ask you to wait a couple of days, or install the version you have using our Yosemite Installer Tool (http://support.steinberg.de/downloads_additional_content/Steinberg_Application_Installer_Tool_For_Yosemite/1.7.0/Steinberg_Application_Installer_Tool_For_Yosemite.dmg) and then updating it to the newest version, when this is available.

All the best

Thank you Luis, I appreciate that knowledge, now I can’t wait.