Hi! I need an information.
I have Cubase LE software and it ask me if I want upgrade Cubase Elements 8.
In my Cubase LE there isn’t the element “Project root Key” or “Pitch Shift”, to change the tone of the backing track.
If I have the upgrade, I will get this elements?
Thanks for your time

“Project root key” - No
“Pitch shift” - In oflline processing - no
“Pitch shift” - In Plugins - yes

Thanks for your replay
only a clarification
my software Cubase LE ask me, if I want to upgrade at special price Cubase Elements 8 Upgrade from Cubase LE/AI 6/7/8.
In this case, I will get the elements that I need?
Again thanks a lot


Yes, that is the correct upgrade to Cubase Elements 8 if you are currently running Cubase LE/AI 6/7/8. Does that answer your question?


my fundamental question is:
with this Upgrade to Cubese Elements 8 can I work:
-with “Project root key”?
-with “Pitch shift” in offline processing?
Thank you all

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