I bought and Upgraded via in-App from cubasis le to cubasis 2.1 but I still could buy Cubasis 2 for the full Price in the App Store. Also tells me the App itself on the help side that it’s Cubasis LE 2.1
So what version do I have and how can I get sure that it’s Cubase2 ? :question:

Hi audiobyte,

The full feature set in-app purchase within Cubasis LE upgrades the Cubasis LE app to the same feature set of Cubasis.
Please follow these steps to perform the upgrade:

  • Launch Cubasis LE
  • Open the in-app shop by tapping the corresponding button in the top menu to the right
  • Choose the full feature set in-app purchase
  • Tap the button to install the full feature set in-app purchase

Once done, Cubasis LE is upgraded to the same feature set as the Cubasis full version.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for your quick response. So I have the full features of Cubasis2 but it still says Cubasis LE ?
On the Steinberg side only Cubasis LE is registered. If I have to reinstall, do I have to buy again, or does my System knows the in-App purchase? Because there is no place, where I can see that I own Cubasis2.


Due to Apple’s technical limitations it is not possible to offer crossgrades on iOS (e.g. an upgrade from Cubasis LE to Cubasis). Nevertheless, the full feature set in-app purchase updates Cubasis LE to the same feature state of Cubasis.

Once the full feature set has been installed, the launch screen of Cubasis LE displays “Cubasis” instead of “Cubasis LE” when launching the app… Additionally the app itself no longer shows up with limitation pop-ups anymore.

Hope that helps.


That leaves me with one last question:
What happens, when I have to reinstall or change tablet?

It is easily possible to re-install Cubasis LE, and to install it on another iPad.
Your full feature set in-app purchase can be easily restored via the “Restore Purchases” option located in Cubasis’ in-app shop. Basically, it’s an one tap solution when logged in with your iTunes account…


Hello , Im having trouble restoring my purchase, Cubasis, in another IPad. Could you help me? Thank you

Hi Mar,

Restoring purchases (or downloading apps previously purchased) on a new iPad should work as expected, once you’ve logged in with the iTunes account, which has been used for the purchases.

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.


Hello Lars, thank you for your response. The error message I receive is that I need to login in iTunes but I am already in… This is not a new iPad though. It is one I was lent by a friend to try out Cubasis. I have projects I want to save from here to my iPad. Do you know why it might be? I would appreciate accessing these with my account. Thank you

*** Just in case it is not clear, he has the free version. After downloading my projects I would turn off my ID in his iPad. I hope this is possible.