Upgraded CPU & mobo...BLUE SCREEN on Windows boot!! :(

Swapped out my older AMD CPU & Biostar mobo for an Intel i5 3570kand ASRock Z77 1155 Pro4 motherboard.

BIOS works fine. When I hit the Windows 7 x64 splash screen it loads for only a sec, then freezes and jumps into a BSOD.

This is probably only the 4th computer I’ve built/upgraded. Any ideas?

One thing that was new to me was that the ASRock 1115 board had an 8-pin ATX12v1 insert. However, my PSU has a 4-pin.

Do I need to do a Windows reinstall/repair to match the CPU/mobo change? Never had to do that before…in fact, this is the first major upgrade I’ve done that didn’t load right up.


Power supply should match the motherboard power connector.

You also need to do a fresh install of windows and all software.

Thanks Split…

However, I found in the ASRock manual where it says that a 4-pin ATX12v should work in the 8-pin, just use the 4-pins on the right side (the only side it fits anyways).

Also, I’ve never had to reinstall Windows before when upgrading mobo’s or CPU’s. However, those were all AMD systems. It’s been a long time since I switched from Intel to AMD, and maybe I had to reinstall Windows at that time. But yeah, I JUST upgraded from an AM2/AM3 to AM3/AM3+ and from a 560 to a 1055t and things loaded up perfectly and easily.

Here’s a worse problem. Now I cant even get it to POWER ON!!! :astonished:

This is true with many … if not most motherboards.

Bingo! Your new system has different computer architecture and needs different Windows HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer).

Check and/or reseat all cables on the motherboard.

Hmm… Fair enough!


Even went back to Microcenter to swap out the mobo…still dead. Maybe its the CPU?

If the CPU is faulty, would the entire system not even show ANY signs of power? We cant even get fans to spin. No LEDs are lit up with power supply properly connected, all cables properly seated, etc. Used a screwdriver to trick the PWR BTN headers into working to rule out a faulty case power switch.

I even had it over at my tech’s place to verify all of the above. We both conferred that it was probably a faulty mobo (ASRock Z77 Pro4 1155). MC wanted $20 to run a POST test in-store with my RAM and CPU but I declined, thinking that I could never get two faulty mobo’s in a row. Now I wish I had obviously, and could determine if it was the CPU.

WTF!!! :mrgreen:

I would suspect, it’s the power supply. Maybe it wasn’t compatible with your new mobo after all and fried itself when you tried to use it.

If you have your olb mobo still available, you can try the PSU with it to see if it’s still working.

Or the motherboard!!!