Upgraded from 11 and did a separate install on laptop to C12 without a single issue :)

just wanted to say upgraded from 11 on my Studio DAW and did a separate install on laptop to C12 without a single issue at all.

just sharing to show that after reading all the problems I was prepared for some work but no, couldn’t have been easier.



Exactly. :grinning:


I’ve already upgraded the sacrificial laptop, and the only issue involved the process of identifying the C11 license on the USB-eLicenser while the eLicenser server was busy. Once that was done, the rest was plain sailing.

The next step is to move the C11 license off that USB-eLicenser and onto a spare one – just playing around to prove to myself that it’s really possible to run C12 without it!


Same here , I said i wouldn’t but i did ,Updated via My Steinberg and it couldn’t of been easier .
Very surprised and impressed with the flawless swap over , credit where credits due , well done Steinberg :+1:


I was thinking of starting a thread like this but I’ll just pile in on yours instead. :grinning:

Upgraded and installed C12 on my iMac without a single hickup or delay and all working excellently so far.

Laptop is next to go. Finally! I could just no be bothered with the dongle but now without it yay! Audio to chord track and the new warp are great additions.

For me at least Steinberg’s focus is great. Solid audio workstation and composing improvements that make sense. And reworkings on features that were lacking or long in the tooth like the MIDI surface thingy. No crazy and blingy new features but instead improving and updating an aging but great product. Thanks Steinberg!



I installed on a Windows 11 destop and Macbook Pro M1 with no problems. I’ve had to disable Steinberg instruments, e.g. Electric Bass and TGuitar, for the moment - didn’t do my homework. Kontakt is working fine on both platforms though so I can manage.

Great not to have to swap the dongle about and audio to chord track is magical. Lots to explore. A solid upgrade.