Upgraded from 3.1 to 3.5, now being asked for activation code which fails

I’ve been using 3.1 on my MBPro16. I updated to 3.5. Launched the app and was asked for the activation code. I searched my notes, entered the code and it failed. I went to the website support, found info on reactivation. Tried to reactivate but I’m being told there is no eLicense on this machine. I have iLok but have not used an iLock USB license for Dorico

How do I get reactivated?


You realize that 3.5 was a paid upgrade with a new number to enter into the eLicenser, right?

No I didn’t realize it was a paid upgrade.

I just purchased and upgraded. Thanks!

I had simply downloaded 3.5 from inside the download manager. I hadn’t seen that it was a paid upgrade.

I made the same oversight initially.

The usual rule is that if it has a new entry in Steinberg Download Manager then it’s a paid upgrade (unless you are entitled to a grace period upgrade which you have claimed using the Maintenance feature of eLicenser Control Center).

Steinberg have used paid “point 5” upgrades for other products, though this is the first one for Dorico.