Upgraded from 6 last night it’s been 24 hours since I submitted a ticket, no reply

I bought Cubase Elements 12, Upgraded from 6 last night it’s been nearly 24 hours since I submitted a ticket and still no reply, no cubase and a broken licensing system. I guess no one gives a damn

Normally, no assistance from tech support is needed when updating a product. If you explain what the issue is, it’s likely you will find a solution here.

Have you opened the Steinberg Activation Manager on your computer and signed in?

Have you read the important info at the link below?

Thanks Steve, but I just this last 5 minutes got it all running. Anyone having the same issue (no HDD soft-eLicense icon) what I did was, I downloaded the “elc-installation-helper.” What that did was uninstall the eLicenser Control Center and reinstall it and now my HDD icon appeared. I was then able to activate Cubase Elements 6, the mp3 exporter and finally was then able to upgrade to version 12.

That was hours of trial and error until I found that, all the documents, links what a complete headache. No…it was a complete mess. I do believe activation is a lot easier now for modern products? Maybe there is gold at the end of the rainbow, but boy that was tough.

Also as a final kick while your down :stuck_out_tongue: Version 6’s GUI and coloring is above and beyond the awful drab and dark newer gui, even with it’s minute amount of customization, I might just stick with 6 to be honest. What the hell were they thinking? The product has gotten worse.

Had you asked here in the forum, you would have had an answer in minutes. Soft-Elicenser questions are among the most common.

I appreciate what you’re saying Steve, but really in all honesty no one should have to have issues. We pay the money, but in a lot of cases no honey. No one should have to ask in a public forum how to install, reinstall or activate their products, the system should work, it in a lot of cases does not work.

I was almost at an enraged state. The last thing you think about is ask some dude in the forum to help fix something you just paid for. Plus I was left high and dry in the support ticket, actually couldn’t be bothered right? Says it all really.

Anyway, all back up and running, no thanks to Steinberg, what a crap show :wink:

Each of us manages expectations in our own way.

I don’t enjoy becoming enraged, so I make avoiding that one of my criteria when I set about a task that involves elements I don’t have control over.

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