Upgraded from 9.5, cant find familiar functions on right click menu

Hi guys, just upgraded to 10.5, wondering where I can find the range selection options (insert silence, global copy, etc), is there a way to add this in preferences???

really a bummer as I use this right click menu a lot, its in the muscle memory :confused:

I’m also suffering with that. Eventually I got used to “CTRL+SHIFT+E” to insert silence and “SHIFT+BACKSPACE” to delete time. (you can find all this in the EDIT menu in the main window).

But I don’t want to use shortcuts for every single operation, including those I only use a few times every project.

I believe the RMB menu should be customizable. Not all of us need the same stuff and I understand the RMB menu was getting too big but having stuff you’re used to disappearing is not cool - especially when it makes you look bad in front of customers, it looks like you don’t know what you’re doing.

I guess we are out of luck for now! would love this included again, if anyone is listening! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Search the threads, there’s been a lot of conversation about this. The decision apparently was that the right click menu was “cluttered.” There’s some context dependent right click functions, but far fewer. The Chord Track menu is now on the Project Menu and various other things are shuffled around.

You’ll see in the threads that lots of users, me included, didn’t like this. For me, the improvements made to Cubase in Version 10 outweigh any things I don’t like about it. I mostly pay attention to stability and performance. Anyway, yeah, this is how right click now is. I think it was a mistake. I called the right click the “power user” menu. Everything’s still there. It’s just in other places.

Here’s a thread on the Feature Requests forum concerning this issue:


Go there and make yourselves heard so this can gather attention from Steinberg.

my bad, I tried a few search terms actually, and wasnt successful… thanks tho!

No problem. As a general rule, if you want to find things in the forums use a site search. It tends to find terms better than just searching the forums for key words.

For example: “site:https://www.steinberg.net/forums/ right click menu ver 10”

You put in the whole line without the quotes.

Take care :slight_smile: