Upgraded from Elements to Pro 11 now it says my license is pending and will expire, cannot resolve

I have send a request to support, but in case anyone has a clue how to resolve this, I purchased the update from Elements to Pro 12. In my eLicenser, I show the license reference for Elements 11 (Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing) so no problem. However, trying to activate Pro 12 keeps looking in eLicenser but of course there’s nothing there.

I followed the steps outlined on the support document including logging back into the Steinberg license manager but the result is the same. Re-entering the download code

I’m on a Mac Studio OS 12.6

If you redeemed the free upgrade voucher to switch Wavelab Elements to Steinberg Licensing, then you might have purchased the wrong upgrade.


The top option is the one you should have picked if you redeemed the upgrade voucher before. Once you switch to Steinberg Licensing, the license stored in your eLicenser can no longer be upgraded.

Take a look at your receipts/purchase confirmation email to check which upgrade you purchased. Please contact Steinberg Shop support if you’ve made a mistake:

That’s probably what happened but I remember not being able to find more than one option at the time, then I updated elements 11 first right before redeeming pro. I hope it can be sorted by support or refunded so I can get the correct one.

I hear complaints about Steinberg support, but this was my first time needing them, and it couldn’t have been better. In less than a day, they had corrected Wavelab to the appropriate license, and I was able to finish the activation.

All would have been fine if I didn’t update Elements to 11.1 immediately before trying to activate Pro. Duh!