Upgraded from i3 to i7 (HyperThreading on or off?)

2 core 3.3gHz 3MB L3 i3 to 4 core 3.4gHz i7

Seems to be about a 35-40pct improvement with Cubase CPU usage (average on the meter anyway) I was just wondering if Hyperthreading should be switched on or off for Cubase Version 8

Alsa I wonder if I start really hammering it if the other cores wake up ? :laughing: And the CPU meter does not rise further?


On is fine on any recent version of Cubase, according to Steinberg’s knowledge base and certainly I’ve not had hyper threading related issues.

Performance wise, the extra hyper threading cores won’t make a great deal of difference in most cases because of how they work. Coming from an i3 you’ll mostly be seeing performance for other reasons related to CPU architecture differences. Still worth it, with or without hyper threading.

As my son would say “turn off the CPU meter Dad, just make music!!”